‘New Orleans Muffuletta’ Sandwich

Round Italian Bread
E. Formella Muffuletta Salad (hot or mild)
Cold cuts (ie. 1/2 lb each) of Mortadella, Salami – a mix of your choice
1/2 – 1 lb Provolone, sliced

1. Cut bread horizontally and scoop out some of the bread in the middle on either side.
2. Fill the middle of both top and bottom pieces of bread with Muffuletta salad.
3. Layer meat and cheese as desired, alternating between the meat and the cheese. Add more olive salad in the layers as you go, if desired.
4. Add the top and wrap entire sandwich with plastic wrap. Compress and weigh it down with a heavy pan, leaving it sit for about 2 hours. (Don’t leave it overnight, it will absorb too much liquid.)
5. Cut to serve, smaller wedges for an appetizer and larger wedges to serve as a main dish.

NOTE: there are lots of variations of this delicious and mighty sandwich – our Muffuletta or Giardiniera products make it #easyprep for your menu!