Whole Hens

Ready to order: Rock Cornish Hens are here and ready to feature on your menu!

This Canadian product is stored centrally and shipped to your door. Easy to add to your next order of Cooked Diced Chicken!

maturechickenunseasonedRosemount is pleased to present our Mature Chicken*! A winner on great texture and flavour in a Whole Chicken. Look in-store for Rosemount’s MOISTnTender brand Seasoned hen in a retail package, or call us for warehouse orders of our NEW Unseasoned Mature Chicken! Large, 6-7lb birds, packed 6/box. (AKA Stewing / Boiling / Baking Hens) – Must be thawed completely, then cooked low and slow like a turkey, slow-cooked in the crock pot for the day, or stewed in your soup pot on the stove.
*NOTE: Only our Unseasoned Mature Chicken has 0% salt added. 


Product CodeDescriptionCase PackCases/Skid
134Moist n Tender Seasoned Mature Chicken (uncooked) approx. 6-7 lb each6 hens / case random weight50
00144Mature Chicken UNSEASONED (uncooked) approx. 6-7 lb each6 hens / case random weight50
09522Rock Cornish Hens - average 900 g ea.12 birds / case random weight60