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Rosemount is proud to offer ‘better-for-you’ products from our nothing added Chicken to our Seasoned items with low sodium, low potassium and high protein content. Love Meatballs? Try our Chicken Meatball, which has a great Italian taste and fits the ‘bill’ when it comes to PPM150! (Ontario school standards)

LUNCH BOX Special Diet Requests?
We are excited to offer Gluten-smart options of our high protein, low sodium and low fat products!PPM150 protein

ALLERGENS: call us or email if you have diet restrictions you’re working around – we can show you our allergen reports or answer your questions about allergens in our entire product line.

GLUTEN-SMART: Cooked Diced Chicken, Chicken Breasts, Pulled Pork, Diced Turkey and our Lamb racks are free of gluten, however they are not ‘certified Gluten Free’.

Our Cooked Diced Chicken – How many ingredients? One: Chicken. You are free to add your signature flavour and still be way under the max when it comes to Sodium and Fat! Allergens?! Nothing added, no allergens – just chicken.
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