HOT, NEW & Ready for YOU!

We love to bring you the ‘NEW AND EXCITING’, and this time we have something HOT (and a NOT-so-HOT version too!) It’s our shelf stable Garden Mix and Olive Salad condiment line from Enrico Formella! Item codes are below, or give us a call to try them for yourself – on burgers, sausages, pizza, salads, on a ‘New Orleans Muffuletta’ sandwich and more! 888-434-8034.

Sandwiches, pizzas and more are enriched by this line from Enrico Formella!
Premium Quality Whole ducks, boneless breasts, layer pack legs and necks!

PLUS, We are pretty excited to announce our new line-up of Duck products! Premium quality, and ready for your centre-of-the plate. Email us for more info or to try some today!

Product CodeDescriptionCase PackCases/Skid
36135Hot Muffuletta 12 x 16 oz bottle108
36144Mild Muffuletta 12 x 16 oz bottle108
29237Hot Muffuletta 7 x 56 oz pouch60
29244Mild Muffuletta 7 x 56 oz pouch60
29330Hot Giardiniera12 x 16 oz bottle108
29335Mild Giardiniera12 x 16 oz bottle108
29243Hot & Spicy Pizza Topping7 x 56 oz pouch60
006010047Young Duck (Whole)Random wt: 4.25-5.57lb / ea, packed 6 / cs65
135581069Duck Breasts (boneless)Random wt: 6.5-9.5oz ea 12 x 2 pack 140
003000600Duck Legs (layer pack)unsized: 36 legs100
999000830Duck necksunsized: bulk65
5453Cooked IQF Seasoned Beef Crumble3 x 5.0 kg
5449Cooked IQF Seasoned Pulled Pork10 kg 32
5450Cooked IQF Seasoned Pulled Pork5 kg100
4100-83Chicken Pot Pie Filling - fully cooked, frozen6 x 1.81 kg pouches50