BBQ Chicken Sandwiches & Beyond!

½” Cooked Diced Chicken (code 12454)
Your signature Barbecue sauce
Prepared Coleslaw (creamy)
Your choice fresh buns

1. Slack out required amount of Cooked Diced Chicken.
2. Add your favourite BBQ sauce and mix through.
3. Heat in oven to serving temperature of 165ºF.
4. Add 3-4 oz of BBQ Chicken mixture to buns, top with 1-2 oz prepared coleslaw and serve.
This is so easy, you can add it to LOTS of things, and EASILY.
– Try topping a Baked Potato, or Poutine for a southern variation!
Personal pizzas? Perfect! Use Naan to make a great size quick-and-easy BBQ pizza, with more sauce, mozzarella (or old cheddar), and green onions to top. Heat in the oven to melt the cheese and it’s ready to go, as is, or Calzone-ify it (fold it over) for a hand held ‘grab n go’ option!